Photo by Oswaldo Martinez on Unsplash

Taking A Closer Look At The Big Picture

A magnifying glass over a printed spreadsheet.
Digging deep into the numbers — based on Pawel Michalowski from

How an outdated benchmark distorts reality

The word “remittance” under a magnifying glass.

Lessons Learned from Micropayments

A menu from a coffee bar. One drip of coffee for 0,01ct. 10 drips for 0,09ct.
Micropayments for the Coffee — Felix Kuchar based on

A man looking at a blown out chandle.
What happens if the light goes out?

Two are looking into an open briefcase.
Where is the value? — Felix Kuchar based on stokkete,

Bitcoin pictures on wall.
Felix Kuchar based on mtlapcevic —

Bitcoin is like Art

Bernhard Kauer

Think deeper and start earlier to create novel solutions from scratch. Writing here from the Fintech trenches while solving the puzzle to pay.

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